Is this domain name for sale? 


Most of the domain names under our ownership can be purchased. If you are interested in a particular name that we own or have been redirected here then please contact us to discuss this further.



Who are you and how does your business work?


We are a UK company that invests in the domain market for investment,  development and advertising purposes in addition to having other online and offline media interests. The domain names we own either display relevant adverts for the services people are looking for when they type our name into their browser or house full websites offering a variety of targeted services.



Will you buy my domain name?


We usually source the names we are interested in ourselves as our purchasing strategies are quite specific.



You own my name and I want it.


Many people assume they have a right over a domain name for many different reasons. We would advise you to seek proper advice on this prior to contacting us.



Are you a Nominet member?






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